Wellness Portal
WS4L offers a comprehensive corporate wellness suite of tools, resources and reports designed to offer insight and analysis into personalized wellness information. Our platform provides the flexibility needed for organizations to offer a wide variety of programs to meet wellness needs.
Coaching Portal
Our coaching collaboration tools make coaching more streamlined and allows for more quality time spent with members. Streamlined scheduling options for coaches and members are offered, along with a configurable elibility engine. Coaches can track answered sessions and notes, program information, assessment/health factor information, and more.
What's New?
WS4L Launches New Aggregate Report for Organization/Provider Levels
Wellness Steps For Life has implemented new aggregate reports to track member-level and organization-level statistics.
Integrated Wellness and Coaching Offered
Wellness Steps For Life has implemented an integrated wellness and coaching portal. Coaches can use collaboration tools to assist with and suggest members wellness activities, goals, meal plans, and more. In the meantime, wellness members can track their activities, goals, biometrics, and more on a daily basis, while allowing coaches to see their progress.
Current Members Login
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What is WS4L?

Wellness Steps For Life provides organizations with an incentive-based wellness system for your members. The system is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of your organization and members while continually emphasizing a balanced approach to health through diet, fitness, lifestyle and preventive care.

Here are some of the key benefits we provide:

Control healthcare costs

WS4L can help control healthcare costs over the long term and provide value to your members. Organizations spend the majority of their health dollars treating illness impacts (absenteeism, injuries, EAP access), instead of preventing them. We have a cost-effective program to help your members live healthier and prevent impact on your organization.

Customized to Fit Your Organization

The WS4L Platform provides you with a flexible, customizable online and onsite wellness system tailored to your organization’s needs. Depending on your organization environment certain features, tools and reports may be more effective with your members groups. So, that is where we start. Imagine knowing where your member health risk lies and proactively providing solutions to give you healthy business outcomes.

A Hands-On Approach

We work with your company to develop a health and wellbeing program. We survey each member to gain knowledge of what they need to become or stay healthy. We work within your budget to set up additional solutions such as screening, health campaigns, lunch and learns and coaching options. We will also help you set long term goals for your members and the organization itself.

Ongoing Reporting and Analysis

We continually monitor and reassess the needs of your program to make suggestions for improvement. We want to maximize participation in your program. The more analytical data you have to support the health of your people the more effective your health and wellbeing strategy will be.

Turn Key Solution

We provide the hardware, software, service and support that is essential. All the organization and members need is a web browser.