Corporate Wellness Challenges
Break the wellness barrier with a WS4L 30 day Wellness Challenge. We keep challenges short, simple, and to the point. Gain higher levels of participation by including your employees and their family members. Kick-start an existing program or create a new program with a short and simple 30 day challenge.
Corporate Challenges - Individual Wellness Challenges - Topic Specific Challenges
Types of Challenges?
How To Participate?
How Long?
Individual/Team Competitions can be organized within your company. Challenges can be created for particular topics (walking, biking, etc.) Members of a company can participate in challenges individually. Compete against other teams in company/topic-specific challenges. We boost member participation with short 30-90 day challenges.
Challenge Categories
Walking, Running
A member can track total steps per day with a pedometer.
Equivalent Steps (Fitness Activities)
Biking, Golf, Tennis, etc.
Calculate how many steps are taken during various wellness activities.
Challenges can be created to maintain and/or improve a BMI.
Activity Points
Points are generated from completing various fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, preventive healthcare activities.
Walking, Running, Biking, etc.
Compete against others as total miles are tallied through walking, running, etc.
Custom Categories
Let's create an category specific to your company!
Why Register?
Jumpstart for your Wellness Program
Our wellness challenges act as a great way to finally get members involved in a successful wellness setting. Friendly competition boosts participation.
Change your routine
Solve a common wellness barrier: Negative wellness habits that are a part of a daily routine. Wellness challenges initiates new, healthier routines.
Quick and easy for employees
Our challenges are short and simple. Higher Participation over the long-haul is easier to achieve with our short 30-90 day challenges.
Competition provides motivation and inspiration
Our challenges create an inspirational support system. This network motivates each member to achieve goals during friendly competition.
Boosts wellness participation
Since challenges are short and simple, it becomes easier to maintain consistent and productive wellness participation from start to finish.